The one and only hotel and canine day care centre in Milan authorized in providing accommodation services

‘La Maison Sissy’ is a unique and exclusive accommodation for small and medium sized dogs, authorized in providing canine day care activities (day and night-time) in the heart of Milan.
Our facility with its trendsetting concept, is opened 365 days a year, and is controlled day and night by qualified personnel, including a 24h first-aid service for the safety of our canine guests.
la maison sissy

From anywhere in the world…
your dog is just a ‘click’ away

‘La Maison Sissy’, the only facility of this kind in Italy, is appreciated for the quality of its guaranteed services, and is characterised by the presence of a latest generation WEB CAM System, active 24 hours a day, that allows the owners of our canine guests to remotely monitor their pets, with an easy-to-install application on their smartphones

A trendsetting facility with
hypoallergenic and antibacterial furnishings

‘La Maison Sissy’ is an exclusive facility, unique in the Pet Hospitality Sector, furnished with sofas, hammocks, beds, and bowl holders by Kira | Luxury pet, realised all with high quality and certified hypoallergenic and antibacterial materials. Inside the facility, in order to ensure high hygienic standards and wellness in a natural way, there is also space for so-called ‘toxin absorbent’ plants (Spathiphyllum and Ficus Benjamin)
cuccie maison sissy
controllo animali

Controlled selection and admission
for small and medium-sized dogs

Our dog trainers always carry out a detailed assessment of the animals that will be admitted to the facility. For a delightful stay, it is necessary to immediately identify any form of aggressiveness time, become an outdoor lounge for the ‘La Maison Sissy’ canine guests where they can socialize and freely enjoy their leisure time.
‘La Maison Sissy’ is an exclusive facility authorized in carrying out boarding and canine day care activities by the North/South Veterinary District in Milan.

Only 432HZ music productions
during the stay

Our canine guests can enjoy the broadcasting of 432Hz music productions during their stay. Although there is no difference in this certain frequency at a superficial hearing level, at a deeper level, music acts and changes the processes within the body thanks to its calming qualities, strengthening the immune system by eliminating toxins and tensions.
musica 432hz
personale qualificato

Qualified personnel
24 hours a day

Open and controlled 24 hours a day, every day of the year, our facility is staffed only by qualified personnel with proven experience. It also has an agreement with a major veterinary centre for its first aid services (available 24h a day).