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A wide range of services for the small and medium-sized dog hospitality in a charming and comfortable environment. For every dog, there is a settling-in period ranging from 3 to 12 hours. We remind you, that an additional character assessment is also provided for large-sized or problematic dogs.
The service always includes 4 daily outings at most, meals, 24h webcam service and overnight surveillance.


The following rates are for dogs of up to 20kg, while an assessment is required for larger dogs.

4h staysmall and mediumbigoversized
Single day€25,00€30,00€40,00
5-entry booklet€115,00€135,00€180,00
10-entry booklet€200,00€255,00€340,00
Monthly pass up to 22 admissions€385,00€540,00€720,00
6h staysmall and mediumbigoversized
Single day€30,00€40,00€50,00
Carnet 5 entries€135,00€180,00€225,00
Carnet 10 entries€240,00€320,00€400,00
22 admissions monthly pass€460,00€600,00€750,00
Whole day  7.30 – 19.30small and mediumbigoversized
Single day€35,00€45,00€55,00
Carnet 5 entries€160,00€200,00€250,00
Carnet 10 entries€300,00€360,00€4400,00
22 admissions monthly pass€540,00€700,00€850,00


One for all sizes. The ‘exit’ service is represented by the collection of the dog at home and delivery to the hotel or the other way around.

within 2 kmover 2 km
Single exit (round trip)€30,00call
Carnet 5 outputs€130,00call
Carnet 10 outputs€250,00call
Carnet 20 outputs€480,00call
Monthly service (Mon-Fri – maximum 25 outings)€550,00call
Transport with driver to any destinationcall


small and mediumgrandi
Open monthly pension and kindergarten€600,00€750,00
Open monthly pension and kindergarten complete with taxi service within 3km€1000,00€1200,00


The service is carried out in partnership with specialized structures, please call for information and reservations

La Maison Sissy
is an exclusive facility
authorized in carrying out
boarding and canine day care
activities by the North/South
Veterinary District in Milan
[Nr. Reg. 5001274]

An environment full of
charm and comfort

One of the hallmarks of the facility
Is represented by the absence
of grates, railings and/or any
other element that could delimit
the living rooms reserved to guest animals.
In the picture, in the foreground, a shatterproof
glass protection and
furnishing accessories with
antibacterial eco-leather covers.

Always available for you

We are always available for any further information relating to our services. In case of need, call us or complete the following form.

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