“A large part of the most complex emotions is common
to us as well as to a higher order of animals.
Everyone can notice, how the dog demonstrates its jealousy,
if its owner lavishes his affection to another creature.
This shows that animals not only love, but they feel the desire
to be loved from the sacrifices we are willing to undertake”
Charles Robert Darwin (1809 – 1882)
British Biologist, Naturalist, Anthropologist,
Geologist, and Explorer, famous for the formulation
of the theory of the evolution of animal species and plants
via a natural selection


Comfort and well-being in an exclusive charming setting, all without compromises

‘La Maison Sissy’ was created by the will of Denny Maddem – a widely considered pioneer in the Pet Hospitality Sector – to create a cutting-edge facility for the Pet Hospitality, in particular for small and medium-sized dogs, in step with the times and, above all, able to fully interpret the ‘new’ concept of animal well-being. Well-being that is not only physical or physiological, but primarily psychological.
It is not by chance that, inside the facility, there are no grates, railings, or any other element that in some way could evoke the traditional standards of the so-called ‘Pet Boarding Houses’.
At ‘La Maison Sissy’, the living rooms are surrounded by protections and have transparent shatterproof glass entrances. Their high-quality furnishings by Kira | luxury pet are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, besides being extremely comfortable. Moreover, in each living room, our canine guests have access to a monitor where – from 08.00 to 22.00 – documentaries on nature and the animal kingdom are broadcasted all at 432HZ.
As the adjacent ‘Marcello Candia’ Park has over time, become an outdoor lounge for the ‘La Maison Sissy’ canine guests where they can socialize and freely enjoy their leisure time.
‘La Maison Sissy’ is an exclusive facility authorized in carrying out boarding and canine day care activities by the North/South Veterinary District in Milan.
La Maison Sissy
is an exclusive facility
authorized in carrying out
boarding and canine day care
activities by the North/South
Veterinary District in Milan
[Nr. Reg. 5001274]

Living rooms with
shatterproof glass protections

One of the distinguishing
features of the facility is represented by the absence
of grates, gates and/or any other elements
that could delimit the living
areas reserved to the animal guests.
In the picture, in the foreground,
a shattered-proof glass protection


The well-being of animals,
an essential value

Nowadays, most people living with one or more animals, as in my case especially dogs, rightly consider them as members of their families to all effects.
And if this trend, according to a Censis Foundation Report, is constantly growing, at the same time it also increases the desire to give comfort and well-being to our pets, not only physiologically but also, and above all, psychologically.
And it is precisely by drawing my inspiration from this new animal well-being philosophy, that I founded ‘La Maison Sissy’ in Milan, a visionary, yet exclusive design hotel & canine day care for small and medium-sized dogs.
Certainly, by virtue of their very condition as sentient beings, we can offer our animal guests a greatly comfortable habitat and, at the same time, guarantee the perfect serenity to their owners.
Denny Maddem
Founder of ‘La Maison Sissy’
bn 2

At the park

Left, Denny Maddem
portrait with Masaniello,
guest of the Maison
at the Marcello Candia park


We take care of emotions …

Upon entrance to the reception of ‘La Maison Sissy’, a copy of the Treaty regarding the role of the European Union does not go unobserved.
With this Agreement, known as the Treaty of Lisbon, signed by 27 countries effective as of 1st January 2009, animals have been legally recognized as sentient beings, that is, they are endowed with the ability to feel. Therefore, able to feel emotions…