A structure of excellence
from the futuristic concept

With a somewhat visionary concept, ‘La Maison Sissy’ is located in Via Sannio, opposite ‘Marcello Candia’ Park, in the ‘Porta Romana’ area (M3 | Lodi TIBB), within a prestigious building of the ‘Old Milano’
Our facility is authorized by the ‘North/South Milan’ Veterinary District to accommodate a maximum of 65 guests. It is equipped with every comfort and occupies two levels. Featured by an open space used for the socializing of the canine guests and a wellness area, the facility is equipped with a web cam system and has a considerable number of lounges, all equipped with monitors and sofas, hammocks and bowl holders with antibacterial characteristics by Kira | Luxury pet.
Our location is conceived according to a visionary approach and has been subjected to a skilful structural refurbishment. Soundproofed and coated with technologically advanced eco-friendly materials, it is decorated with sanitizing photocatalytic acrylic siloxane paint with nano-titanium ‘Umana’ by Loggia and, within, there are the so-called ‘toxin-eating’ plants that keep the environment even healthier.
Our facility, controlled 24 hours every day of the year, is staffed with only qualified personnel and has an agreement with a major veterinary centre for the ‘First Aid’ Service (active 24 hours a day).
La Maison Sissy
is an exclusive facility
authorized in carrying out
boarding and canine day care
activities by the North/South
Veterinary District in Milan
[Nr. Reg. 5001274]
loggia umana en
A Healthy environment
To ensure that our animal guests
can live in a healthy environment,
the walls of the facility have been decorated
with sanitizing photocatalytic acrisiloxane
paint with nano titanium ‘Human’ by Loggia
‘Toxin-absorbent’ plants
Inside the facility,
with both an aesthetic and functional feature,
there are ‘toxin-absorbent’ plants,
such as Spathiphyllum and Ficus Benjamin
capable of removing benzene and formaldehyde
from the environment
Our facility is characterized,
by the significant absence of odors,
and is subjected to a strict hygienic
and guaranteed protocol.
The areas, where the animals stay,
are constantly cleaned only with
the use of surgical medical devices.
Even before the pandemic of ‘COVID – 19’,
‘La Maison Sissy’ has always extensively
used PURELL to counteract germs and
bacterial presence inside its areas