Sissy, a fairy tale with a future
still to be told…

‘La Maison Sissy’ was designed by the will of Entrepreneur Denny Maddem who created a cutting-edge facility for the hospitality of dogs that, in his imagination, could be compared to a designer hotel for people; a facility that, not only, should necessarily be built with trendsetting structural and aesthetic criteria but, above all, should guarantee its 4-legged guests, comfort and well-being without equal. A project acclaimed by most, as pioneering.
His idea, or perhaps even better, his intuition, has taken shape over time and thanks also to the authoritative contribution guaranteed to the project by the dog trainer Althea Autelitano. The facility, as Denny Maddem has imagined it, in a short time has taken shape.
A first location in Milano overlooking Via Adige, in the area of Porta Romana, is ready to welcome the first guests. From the beginning, the structural standards, and the quality of the services available, are appreciated by the dog owners more than any positive forecast, and the location has become increasingly popular over time…
Denny Maddem, considered an authentic pioneer in the Pet Hospitality Sector, identified a larger facility, and soon moved ‘La Maison Sissy’ to Via Sannio (Piazzale Lodi area), where the facility is presently located.
team maison sissy

The soul of ‘La Maison Sissy’

A multidisciplinary team of professionals
follows the development of the project in its broadest dimension.
Particular attention has always been
reserved for achieving the wellbeing of animals.